Water for Weight Loss

Water aids Weight Loss?

Water is the most vital ingredient for the effective weight reduction and is what we are made of.  At least 60% to 70%, which is about two-thirds of our body is water. It is needed essentially for body to function many roles. These are also needed to lose weight too. It helps to control the appetite and makes you feel satiety. Thus makes you to eat fewer calories. But this is only the edge advantage taking water. Many added advantages are with water.

Some of the advantages of water are

  • Helps kidneys to function properly
  • Ensures the good digestion by helping in food absorption
  • Maintains body temperature
  • Prominent role in nutrient transportation
  • Suppresses the appetite

Water For Weight Loss

Water for Weight Loss

It is said that the initial weight loss is due to the loss of water. Having adequate water consumption helps to avoid dehydration. The calorie burning process requires an adequate water supply. The dehydration slows the pace of fat burning process (Metabolism). It helps to flush the toxins that are produced while the metabolic process is done. Dehydration makes the blood cells reduce and thus the supply of oxygen. When the oxygen supply is less, obviously the body gets tired rapidly.

  • Water helps in maintaining the tone of muscles. Inadequate supply of water reduces the ability of muscles to contract and it doesn’t lubricate the joints.
  • The fiber which is present in the diets is useful for the digestion and the makes the stomach feels full for longer time using water. Scarcity of fluids in the body can cause constipation.

How much water should be taken?

Many people have heard about the saying “8-ounce glasses of water a day”. Though it is said, a normal person can take 2-3 liters of water daily as per requirement (The activity they do). Excessive consumption of water is not advisable.

Tips on drinking water

  • Consuming other liquids are also the water sources but the diuretics can cause the water to sack. Diuretics may include alcoholWater For Weight Loss, coffee, tea or may be soda.
  • Avoid the chances of being dehydrated.
  • It is an ideal work of starting the day by drinking water.
  • Water is always needed a solution for many complications. It removes the toxins, carries oxygen, nutrients to the body cells as an integral part of blood. Adequate supply of water makes a person to lose weight naturally and helps the body to function normally.

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